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I haven’t posted about sewing yet. It’s not that I haven’t been. I am taking part in a craft fair in late November and have been sewing like a madwoman. The trickiest part has been trying to decide on fabric and a pattern for a clothing item. I tried making smocks, but decided that my […]

From honouring the dead at the Parade of the Lost Souls: to readying ourselves for the annual dress-up bash at my 89 year old grandmother’s: Halloween is a strange holiday. The season is at least two weeks long and is filled with pumpkin patches, candy, costumes, dead people and parties. I like having a few […]

Fall morning


Today was the last day of our local farmer’s market. The kids cycled down (We sort of herded them. On foot). The honey stick vendor was missing, so the kids enjoyed some apples with their busker-watching instead. E is getting so big. She quietly commented on how hard the accordion-player seemed to be working and […]

Clean and nice


I have resisted getting a new laundry machine for a while now. For financial reasons mostly, but also because, whether you have a full-size or condo-size machine (we had a condo-size), the volume of dirty laundry does not change. The amount of folding remains the same, correct? I also hated the thought that I was […]

The creative energy is pumping away over here. Seven small visitors came over for some craft time yesterday. We tried a watercolour painting craft from Bookhou (she has very cool ideas). It was fun. Though perhaps a bit too complicated for so many wee ones at once! We could have done without the ink and […]

My kids are screamers. Playful screaming, frustrated screaming, joyous screaming, tired screaming…. loud, loud, loud. Today was loud. My brain is tired. I had this bright idea that, because it was pouring with rain outside, I would take my two youngest to the fabric store a half-hour’s drive away. Ah, yeah. Turns out that both […]

Still not confident enough with canning to share a recipe online.  These are just plain apples, cooked, with cooked blackberries on top – all processed in a hot water bath.  For further details, consult a reliable source.