Still foraging away


I had an acquaintance tell me recently that you cannot eat locally year-round in this climate. I just don’t agree with her. Except I was too chicken to contradict her at the time (this blog is where I get to be pissy and opinionated).

It takes effort to eat locally. You have to decide in August, September and October what you will eat in January and February. My own little family will NOT be surviving on a 100-mile diet this year – we have not made the effort. That would have taken a few more afternoons of drying fruit and canning peaches and pears. But, I see how it’s done.

We keep finding apples. There are at least eight public apple trees FULL of apples in my neighbourhood (why don’t more people pick them? Is it because two of the trees are rooted under the Skytrain? Is that gross?). The point I am trying to make here is that, not only could we have a one year’s supply of apple sauce by now, but they aren’t even from a farmer’s market, they are FREE and within two miles. Cool. We have been having fun with the apple peeler/corer thing.

This morning we went to our most favourite place. Mystery Lake. I think I have mentioned this place before. We go there many times each year. Over three hours or so, we hike, picnic, swim in a mountain lake and pick a one-week supply of mountain-huckleberries and blueberries (they are teeny-tiny). Berry season is just about finished. Mountain hiking should be fine until the snow falls. Though maybe not so fine if it’s rainy and grey.


2 Responses to “Still foraging away”

  1. hey – thanks for putting me in your list of links and welcome to wordpress! i like it (although i’ve never tried any others).
    i eye the apple and pear trees in our neighbourhood but so far i haven’t found any on public property. we did get a batch of pears from our neighbour but the kids put those away pretty quickly – nothing to save for winter…

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