Loud times, steamy cars, gigantic puddles


My kids are screamers. Playful screaming, frustrated screaming, joyous screaming, tired screaming…. loud, loud, loud. Today was loud. My brain is tired.

I had this bright idea that, because it was pouring with rain outside, I would take my two youngest to the fabric store a half-hour’s drive away. Ah, yeah. Turns out that both of my lovelies needed to burn off steam and buckling them into a wet, steamy car was not the answer. They bickered and laughed and… screamed. I pleaded and scolded and… threatened.

We found release and comedy at the park. In some GIANT puddles. You’ve gotta laugh at Willem lying on his stomach in the muck. I should have brought my own rain pants!

This was followed by a long bath and even longer naps (while I enjoyed some tea and chocolate cake).


3 Responses to “Loud times, steamy cars, gigantic puddles”

  1. ahhh…garden park!
    those are some puddles!
    wish i could convince somebody/anybody around here to have a nap…

  2. Looks like the BEST therapy to me!

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