Paint, ink, high school, date night and cheese


The creative energy is pumping away over here. Seven small visitors came over for some craft time yesterday. We tried a watercolour painting craft from Bookhou (she has very cool ideas). It was fun. Though perhaps a bit too complicated for so many wee ones at once! We could have done without the ink and hairdryer (*note: using two hairdryers at once can blow a fuse… and make a heck of a lot of noise). Also, I think that, at this age (2-7), results are pretty much the same as watercolour painting over a charcoal pencil picture. Like this one from last week:

The seven-year-olds got a kick out of the hairdrying part.

I do like experimenting with new art supplies. For some reason, I opted for Woodworking and Sewing over Art Class during high school. I feel as though there is some catching up to do. Though, there are benefits to knowing how to use a drill press and band saw. If only I could have opted out of Chemistry!

I want to capture AZ tonight and make him paint a picture with me. Maybe after we make cheese? I ordered this cheesemaking kit online (Yes. Waster) after reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I am convinced that this is the perfect date night activity. I just can’t figure out why AZ isn’t interested. I may have to find a girlfriend to join me. So there.


3 Responses to “Paint, ink, high school, date night and cheese”

  1. 1 AZ

    Nothing excites me less than making cheese. I’ll paint, felt, make toques, and can any day – just please not cheese. I’ll even break the house apart to install a washer dryer – just please not cheese.

  2. 2 Maegen

    Oh, pick me, me, me!
    i’ll make cheese with you!
    I wanted to order the kit too but got scared off by the possibility of duty and customs hassles!

  3. I love that hot air balloon picture, it’s really beautiful.
    Hey, you made butter, so why not cheese?

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