Clean and nice


I have resisted getting a new laundry machine for a while now. For financial reasons mostly, but also because, whether you have a full-size or condo-size machine (we had a condo-size), the volume of dirty laundry does not change. The amount of folding remains the same, correct? I also hated the thought that I was OLD enough to have to CARE about laundry. Seriously. I conveniently “forgot” to take out the garbage for the first two years of living in our house. Having a baby was cool, not at all grown up. Taking out the garbage and endless laundry… lame.

Yeah. Well. I am now putting one load through the machine, rather than three. And we smell like lavender (biodegradable lavender soap, that is). This machine works well. It makes spaceship noises at the end of each cycle (we giggle now, but will likely switch off that function later). Good times. And not at all lame. Right? Right?


3 Responses to “Clean and nice”

  1. Hey, you know what is really lame? I love doing laundry! I really do from washing to hanging out to bring in and folding! Just writing that sounds so lame! I am having machine envy right now.

  2. 2 AZ

    The lame part was not really knowing the dimensions of your house and finding out that the machines would not fit in the powder-bath-laundry room. Yikes.

    Well, the door-jam is reinstalled, the trim is affixed, and the nail holes are puddied. I really hope they work forever and never have to be moved, ever. Frig…

  3. I have machine envy too. I’m holding off getting a front-loader until I’m finished washing diapers. While I remain a fan of laundry, I’m sure the buzz would be killed by manually loading dirty diapers sideways. Top-loaders do have a certain advantage for that task.

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