scary and wholesome


From honouring the dead at the Parade of the Lost Souls:

to readying ourselves for the annual dress-up bash at my 89 year old grandmother’s:

Halloween is a strange holiday. The season is at least two weeks long and is filled with pumpkin patches, candy, costumes, dead people and parties. I like having a few runs with the costumes (adjusting costume elements and getting our effort’s worth). Does anyone have an idea for how to get E’s petals to stick out? I am thinking some combination of wire and yellow bias tape, sewn underneath, might work. S was so excited about wearing lipstick.

Also, does anyone have any ideas for wholesome trick or treat give-aways? Low sugar, low packaging, no plastic. I always felt badly about the homemade treats that my mom would make me put into the ‘razor blade’ pile (well meaning neighbours, oblivious to the poisoned apple concerns of parents) Now, all I think about is the waste that comes out of that candy bag. Piles of sugar and packaging, consumed and not eaten (or eaten. gross too.). Boy, it sort of sucks, being an adult, worrying about these things. Talk about dark and scary! Happy Halloween!


3 Responses to “scary and wholesome”

  1. my mum always handed out those little boxes of cereal. my poor, sugar-deprived brother and i always creamed out the frosted flakes and left the healthy, fibre-filled boxes for the trick-or-treaters. can you imagine how horrifying it must have been to discover a box of all-bran in your candy bag???
    there’s always toothbrushes…

  2. I struggle with finding good treats to give out. I am vegan too, so that adds even more trouble to finding stuff for the kiddies.

  3. I think you just have to switch off all that adult stuff when it comes to Halloween and just go for it! The kids make an adorable trio….love the flower girl! Hope to see you tonight!

    Beata xxx

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