A post about sewing


I haven’t posted about sewing yet. It’s not that I haven’t been. I am taking part in a craft fair in late November and have been sewing like a madwoman. The trickiest part has been trying to decide on fabric and a pattern for a clothing item. I tried making smocks, but decided that my bias binding skills are too messy for sales. So, I have now decided on a simple gathered blouse. I am trying for a different take on the Mexican folk blouse. I can sew many of them and I can sew them well. Folksy embellishments will take further thought.

I also wanted to stay true to my sustainable fabrics ethic. Value Village scraps are fine for me and my kids, but to sell? Hmmm. Turns out that it is rather tricky finding larger amounts of “nice” fabric. I haven’t ruled out store-bought bamboo completely, but, for now, have decided it is too expensive. So, I had settled on a brand of fabric called Nature’s Palette. It is 100% organic cotton and plant dyed. Except Fabricana has stopped selling it (indeed, it looks like Avlyn has stopped making it) and I am unable to restock. I am supplementing with regular 100% cotton – I bought it on a whim and am now wishing I had at least sourced some organic cotton. Ack! I’ll get better at this. Maybe buying Online is the way to go?

The blue flower is embroidery. It sort of looks like my five year-old drew it. Oh man. My nerves are shot.

And a wool felt kissy fish barrette… because I love kids with nerdy hairdos.


2 Responses to “A post about sewing”

  1. so cute – can i put in an order?

  2. I think the embriodery looks good! The fishy barrette is just too cute.

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