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See them Run


I went to a presentation last night, put on by the Vancouver chapter of Room to Read. The presentation was about one young woman (22) and two men (19 and 26) who recently spent four and a half months in Africa, running the equivalent of 100 marathons over 125 days. By gathering $100 donations for […]

Our friends taught us how to finger knit – one, two, three and four-finger (online instructions can be found here). We spent a long ferry ride practicing with wool scraps. The wooliest wool seems to work the best, because the wooly bits cover up the holes. New skills are always good. Now, if I could […]

So good


At around 6pm on Friday night I broke out in hives. The craft fair opened at 7pm (my face also flushed and didn’t calm down until about 8:30). After that, things were fine. Great even. I sold a hat, a shirt and two barrettes almost immediately. It was so exciting. I have decided that people […]

Thank you for your kind comments. We’ll see how things go tonight and tomorrow. I think I am partial to the anonymity of Etsy. It really is a brilliant system. Buy Handmade! I have taken an idea from Domicile and started a bit a of an Esty wishlist for AZ to stumble upon (I am […]

I am all over the place. I can’t help it. One: Who wants to make 50 of the same thing? Two: I have no idea what people will buy, so I am experimenting with a few different items. I haven’t even included pictures of the shirts or polar bear hats or barrettes or broaches or […]

… because eating and typing is easier than eating and sewing. The craft fair is one week from tomorrow.  I am trying not to get carried away with new ideas before I have finished those shirts…. arg.  The leaves need raking, the laundry needs folding and I have said ‘yes’ to too many on-call shifts […]



I love adventures. LOVE them. Even the driving part. We brought a stack of old CDs and listened to classics from our university days, spelled off by the odd tune for our babes. I got to be the DJ AND ride shotgun. I think I love being a grown-up (albeit a nerdy one). We enjoyed […]