What is this thing… energy?


The past two years have been nuts. Reno, baby #3, a couple of job changes and an MBA for AZ. All exciting stuff. Just nuts. So AZ has finally finshed the MBA and he comes home for dinner. He is also here all weekend and is a relaxed guy. I am no longer a single mama. It’s amazing.


So rather than doing lots and lots of stuff around the house, I’ve joined up with the outside world in new and exciting ways. I am trying to adhere to the whole community-involvement-1940s-mama strategy I touched upon before. Paid work is still a juggling ball I am not prepared for (alright, not counting my on-call job), but there are countless ways to get involved that don’t involve childcare and a whole lot of time (everyone else in the world probably already knew this – I am a slow learner this way). The trick now is not jumping into too many projects at once, otherwise E, S and W will never get to the beach and I might as well start making some cash to help with those grocery bills.

I spent Saturday night helping out at an event by these folk, learning about these cool projects:

The Lillooet Book Bus

The Trans-Himalayan Aid Society


And Soulemama has us making hats. Goodness.


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