Come for the crafts, the food and the people


I am all over the place.








I can’t help it. One: Who wants to make 50 of the same thing? Two: I have no idea what people will buy, so I am experimenting with a few different items. I haven’t even included pictures of the shirts or polar bear hats or barrettes or broaches or globe necklaces or felt people. See what I mean about being ALL OVER the place? I might have the wrong idea – is too much product diversity a bad thing? Maybe I won’t display it all at once. Can you feel my angst?

I have been debating whether or not to post information about the craft fair on this blog. Mostly because I am a BIG CHICKEN and would prefer to fail in private. Except, this is a cool craft fair. Part of the proceeds are going to the Crossroads Community Project. There are also a bunch of fabulous crafters and bakers who are going to be there selling their wares. So you have to come. Support local crafters and community initiatives.

Not your mother’s craft sale: The All Hand-Made, Home-Made, or Home-Grown Sale
Friday, November 21st 7:30PM to 9:30PM
Saturday, November 22nd 9:00AM to 4:00PM
Grandview Church
1803 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia
(The blue church on the corner of 1st Avenue & Salsbury)


4 Responses to “Come for the crafts, the food and the people”

  1. I think everything is beautiful and diversity is very good. My favourites are the bird hat and the first felted bracelet I would buy them in an instant, unfortunately i’m in Australia…maybe you need at Etsy shop…(hint)

  2. that’s what i said!
    i’ll be there…

  3. They’re all fabulous. Too bad I live in Toronto. Is Willem wearing a cape? SUPER-PRAIRIE-BOY!!

  1. 1 Best mug ever « left-handed scissors

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