So good


At around 6pm on Friday night I broke out in hives. The craft fair opened at 7pm (my face also flushed and didn’t calm down until about 8:30). After that, things were fine. Great even. I sold a hat, a shirt and two barrettes almost immediately. It was so exciting.

I have decided that people who go to craft fairs are really nice (yeah). Everyone said nice things, so I wasn’t even bothered when things didn’t sell. I mean, things did sell, but what I mean is that the nice words and genuine reactions from strangers meant a lot to me. The little things sold really well (items under $5). The barrettes and broaches sold out! The felted bangles, not so much. I priced them at $8 and couldn’t bear to go any lower (pruney hands and sore wrists = $$$). The felted ball bracelets sold out (you were right, Erin!)

I was thinking that my hats and shirts are for a limited market – primarily, small girls. I priced the shirts quite low and sold quite a few. The hats didn’t sell as quickly, but again, I couldn’t bring myself to price them any lower. I think the pricing thing was the most difficult part! How are craftspeople supposed to compete with Superstore? (Again, Buy Handmade). Overall, I would do it again – not as a lifestyle, but once a year. I am getting better at figuring out what works and what does not. Beata and three of her beautiful girls came by – weird for me to be on the ‘maker’ side of the table – it was so nice to see them.

I did come home with lots of fabulous treats. Most are for Christmas, but a few are for now. Locally grown and milled flour:

Wrist warmers (they feel like a wrist hug):


I stopped by the Maternal Creations Art Show and Craft Sale on my way home (exhausted, but armed with cash and a passion for craft). I bought a few things and met Little Red Caboose. We spoke briefly about the convenience of Esty and the work involved in prepping for a craft sale. She made a really good point. The great thing about craft sales is actually being with the other crafters. With Etsy, you don’t get the same community contact. Hmmm. I didn’t really think about that. And, really, that was the best part of the weekend – meeting the bakers and knitters and sewers (sewists?) and weavers and carpenters – people making things, sharing ideas, trading wares and enjoying each other’s company.


3 Responses to “So good”

  1. 1 Amy

    Well done Meg! I had every intention of stopping by yesterday, but the gorgeous weather and a list of errands kept me occupied past your closing hour. So glad to hear it was a success.

  2. yay for you!
    glad to hear you had a great day!
    xo e.

  3. so great to meet you!! in person. and congratulations on your first show. i wish i could say something to inspire you to raise your prices. so many crafters, new to markets and fairs, undersell themselves and of course most of it gets scooped up and that feels really good but then remember all that time involved in the creating. mothers know this well, time is precious. how long will it take to build up stock again? i think a good trade is far better than underselling yourself. handmade is soooo worth it.
    umm locally grown grains?! that’s awesome.
    again so good to meet you. thank you for coming and saying hello. that’s the best.

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