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Unlike sewing.  So I have brought my needles and yarn away with me.  AZ made me this handy-dandy needle wrap thingy for Christmas.  My knitting bag is so much tidier. I also completed my first project.  This began as an experiment with four double-pointed needles.  I wasn’t quite sure what I would end up with […]



and playing in the snow.    I have to share a fabulous Christmas present.  My sister made this book for me:   It is a compilation of all (120+) of the posts from my old blog.   How great is that?!  I lost access to my old account about 3 weeks ago.  I had thought these entries had […]

The pre-holiday shows finished-up yesterday.  We really only have one kid of show-age.  When all three get going it’ll be mayhem!  The poinsettia barrettes were a hit.  E was very particular about her hair, capturing me before every event with her stash of bobby pins in-hand. The snow is really dumping from the sky.  AZ […]

Being present


My posts are not happening these days.  I blame Christmas and all of the loopiness that goes with it.  We have been having some nice days… at the Aquarium, the fabric store (yeah yeah) and the library.  W is funny and easy to be with and no longer requires strollers or death grips to keep […]

A boat


For years now, AZ has been talking about building a boat. He finally made one last week! Funny, I thought he would have made it out of wood or bark or fiberglass or something like that. You know, something waterproof. I think it’s pretty cool, though. The next model will include a seat-hole (and will […]

Sewing party


Well. Not really. My kids are getting used to seeing me hanging out behind the machine. And I can’t really say it’s about Christmas. Just renewed sewing energy. I took a bit of a break after finishing my sew-my-own-clothes-year in October. Now, I am ready to go again. Pants, dolls, eye pillows… all of it. […]

I posted about these girlies on my old blog. Shirley Dolls are classic dolls in my family. My mom’s best friend, Janice, made them for me and my sisters, oh, about 25 years ago. Her daughter, Jennifer, had named her original doll ‘Shirley’ after her dad’s 1980s-make-up-laden secretary. E now carries around my doll, Angie. […]