Up and at em’


Whoa. I got flattened. W is still throwing up about once every eight hours. ALL OVER EVERYTHING. I am still off coffee and have that shaky feeling, but for the most part, am ready to join the world. Fingers crossed that nobody else gets it.

The girls are bitter because we had to cancel weekend plans to head to the mountains. I am trying to figure out a way to make home more exciting. I am thinking Christmas prep… cards, packages, homemade presents. Actually, I have over-used that “draw your cousin a card” tactic this week. They need a swim or hike or muddy play at the park (even poisonous little W… poor kid just doesn’t get that he is sick).

This is totally unrelated, but you have to find, borrow or steal this cookbook. It is gorgeous. Then make homemade frozen yogurt. I know I have blogged about this before, but we added cocoa to our most recent batch. It was very yummy and easy to make (and I am not a cook or a baker. I just like to make weird things like cheese, butter and ice cream).


Also, I am spending way too much time replaying this and this and this and (if you haven’t already seen) this on YouTube. Anyone have any other gems to recommend? Timewasting is OK when you are sick. Right?


3 Responses to “Up and at em’”

  1. 1 Amy

    This made me cry this morning (in a good way):

  2. ok so i haven’t been tempted by the youtube links (yet) but frozen yogurt is just what i want to snack on right now. i have been so tempted by the cover of this cookbook. i just might have to order a copy.
    Sorry to hear you guys have been ill. i had a 1/2 day of feeling super crap but i think i was dehydrated. muddy play sounds pretty healing.
    take care.

  3. I have heard so much about this cook book I think I am going to put it on my Christmas list…

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