Shirley progress


I posted about these girlies on my old blog. Shirley Dolls are classic dolls in my family. My mom’s best friend, Janice, made them for me and my sisters, oh, about 25 years ago. Her daughter, Jennifer, had named her original doll ‘Shirley’ after her dad’s 1980s-make-up-laden secretary. E now carries around my doll, Angie.

So, I have been on a rampage to make dolls for all eight of my nieces and nephews. I have now made five, plus ‘Lily’ for S (which she calls her “Angie Doll” not “Shirley Doll”- funny. Will S’s kids call theirs “Lily Dolls”?). Janice was not able to find the original pattern, only body parts, which she traced and generously gave to me. The abdomen piece was missing and the chin piece has given me grief. My point is that it has taken me a few dolls now to ‘get it right’. Aside from the hair (which tortures me every time!), I think I have it down.


For now, I feel obligated to create true Shirley Dolls, with acrylic hair (note: washable) and traditional ‘Shirley’ faces. After my eight are done, though, I may branch out and make something of my own. Really, anything goes with dolls. They are so fun to make, with their own little personalities and unique huggability!


2 Responses to “Shirley progress”

  1. They’re great — I can’t wait to see them all finished! Hope you’re enjoying a very merry and cozy Christmas with your family!

    Beata xxx

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