Sewing party


Well. Not really. My kids are getting used to seeing me hanging out behind the machine. And I can’t really say it’s about Christmas. Just renewed sewing energy. I took a bit of a break after finishing my sew-my-own-clothes-year in October. Now, I am ready to go again. Pants, dolls, eye pillows… all of it.


S needed some pink pants to get her out of those frilly skirts.  She is so picky about her clothing.  I can’t win.  I can’t say that I am a fan of these pants, either, but she was happy.


After picking up the girls from school, my kids, my sister’s kids and my neighbour’s kids tried to negotiate a three-house play date. The seven year-olds at one house, five year-olds at another and two/three year olds at another. None of the big ones wanted to come here. MAN. I tried to lure them by offering to sew doll sleeping bags. No takers! I think maybe watching me sew isn’t so appealing? We are due for something wild. Like cookie baking. Then, maybe I won’t be the lame house.


These pants are in a thrifted wool.  They are too wide, which makes them too heavy.  We’re going to fix that tomorrow.  E was so kind.  She asked to wear them to bed because “they are sooo comfortable, Mom”.  Way to win me over, Kid!


One Response to “Sewing party”

  1. The pink pants are beautiful – my 4 year old would trade her Blinky (bear) for a pair of those, I only make her ‘boring’ clothes!

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