Being present


My posts are not happening these days.  I blame Christmas and all of the loopiness that goes with it.  We have been having some nice days… at the Aquarium, the fabric store (yeah yeah) and the library.  W is funny and easy to be with and no longer requires strollers or death grips to keep him safe.   S has, for the time being, gotten a hold of her emotions and is not terrorizing everyone around her with her up ups and down downs (you have to know S – complete ray of sunshine, thundercloud – all within minutes).  In addition to love, sleep and food, she needs lots of space and time and sensitivity.

E is elsewhere (you know, school, friend’s houses, circus school – seriously).  Weird.  I have really been thinking about the hugeness of those ‘first five years’ lately.  I send E off into the world everyday.  Now that the kids are bigger, it is so easy to get caught up in my own stuff (crafts, running, work, ideas for more work?!, friends, Christmas shopping, house stuff), I forget to just chill out and read to them or even just chat with them one-on-one.  NieNie refers to this as the baskethead mother syndrome.  Good to be mindful of it.   My kids will be able to entertain themselves and make their own snacks, but I don’t want to miss it – or the comedy of it!  W dressed himself last week.  Backwards.  He was so proud.  I, thankfully, got to watch, quietly, from the other room.  He yelped, “I did it! All myself!” and then climbed into bed beside me.  LOVE it.

This is S’s Christmas skirt, made from this pattern book:



2 Responses to “Being present”

  1. Nice! I love the shout out to NieNie!

  2. Skirt is beautiful – so weird seeing all these warm clothes for Christmas. Here it is just hot getting hotter – the less the better!

    I have a 4 year old who loves to dress herself, the combinations are usually awful but the pride just makes me burst.

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