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Bath bombs


Some crafts are too good to save only for the little ones.  What I mean is, sometimes it’s nice to do a craft and not have to oversee everything from gathering supplies, to reading instructions, to doing the craft, to cleaning up.  I discovered bath-bomb-making on this blog and decided to invite some good friends […]

Spilled milk


Sometimes I worry that I am too uptight and that my kids don’t really get to be kids… so I let them go to town on the milk yesterday. This was followed by the elegant sucking of the milk off of the table.  Good times – and very little organic milk wasted.

This has to be it. Because human hats are more useful than doll ones.

Frock 1806-1809


Or maybe 1876?  E is going to a Little House on the Prairie-themed birthday party this weekend.  I can’t bring myself to make (or find) a prairie dress because this book has been calling my name.  This ‘frock’  is made from some ancient curtains – I have had to iron-in bits of interfacing to reinforce […]

A doll


I am trying to create my own doll.  A variation of the Shirley.  The ones I am making are smaller, with wool stuffing and washable merino wool hair.  I made one with 100% cotton and one with scraps of latte-coloured bamboo.  The face has been a bit tricky.  This bamboo face is too narrow in […]

The Money Tree, written by Sarah Stewart and illustrated by David Small, led to an interesting conversation with my 5 and 7-year-old lovelies. Both girls agreed that it would suck to have a money tree in our backyard.  Except, then I got to thinking about how handy a money tree would be – especially when […]



I have been working a bit lately.  Though family life is calmer when I don’t, my job fits in pretty well.  It is five minutes from my house, it pays well, I only have to work three hours at a time and I work evenings, so AZ can get home to be the dinner/bedtime guy […]