I have been working a bit lately.  Though family life is calmer when I don’t, my job fits in pretty well.  It is five minutes from my house, it pays well, I only have to work three hours at a time and I work evenings, so AZ can get home to be the dinner/bedtime guy (quality daddy time, right?).   Also, for the most part, it is a low-stress job.  I sit behind a desk, helping students find books.  I don’t have to do dinner dishes and I don’t have to watch anyone grump about how they are “too full for chicken, but not for bread”.  It’s kind of a nice break.

During my last shift, I found this:



Forget bonnets.  I am making little Dutch caps!  I have already asked AZ to whittle me a hat block (which is kind of a wooden mold you shape steamed felt over).  This may be too ‘out there’, but it is funny to think about.

I found this book too.  It includes patterns and notes for 22 dresses:



There are so many fun resources out there.


2 Responses to “Perks”

  1. i want one of those dresses for Sal!

  2. 2 Maegen

    Ok, you are totally inspiring me to learn to sew…and knit…and felt

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