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My girls are crazy for Shirley Dolls.  Angie and Lily get carted around in slings, tucked into odd little beds (under the coffee table, in the bookshelf),  brought on all road trips and dressed and redressed in fabric scraps and old shirts. I have been working on Shirley variations – so far, smaller dolls with a different hairstyle and […]

In progress…


Winter: Spring:

For the past few months, I have been putting more effort into being a good little community participant.  That was my resolution in September.  So, I volunteered for a few things… which snowballed into a few more things (gulp).  The good thing about volunteering is that you can take-on jobs you LIKE doing and do […]



E wore these to school today: Sloppy legwarmers, cut from a felted sweater (thanks for the sweater Joanna!).  I love that kids can do this.  Wear hilarious things and feel fabulous about it.

We were looking for an alternative to the standard papery/sugary Valentines. Bath bombs fit the bill.  I finally managed to track down some beet powder. The bath water even goes pink!  I am a tad worried that some of the kindergartners might try to eat them.  I suppose the flowery stench would be a turn-off. […]

This time of year creeps and crawls – especially in my city where it’s usually gray and often rainy.  Fall, winter and early spring bring weather that stays pretty much the same, week after week.  When it’s dry, the babes zip up and down the alley on their bikes. The fun part about February is […]

This was an easy activity to manage.  The sun came out today.  We made airplanes and took them outside to fly. Crash landing.  Poor poor passengers: AND, I have managed to make a couple of human hats.  AZ got the first one (he wore it out and someone said he looked like Jacques Cousteau.  I […]