On eating locally in February


We recently bought this funny looking thing at a market on Vancouver Island:


Brussels sprouts.  Who knew they looked like this?  S was my little assistant, pulling sprouts off of the stalk for meals (1 stalk = 3 dinners).  We all like them steamed and briefly pan fried with a little olive oil and honey.  Yum.

We have gotten sloppy with our local eating diet.  I bought cucumbers and tomatoes over Christmas.  AZ and I both bought bananas during recent grocery shops.  It is so easy just to grab old favourites, regardless of how far they have traveled.  And yet, there is still so much local fare available!  Root vegetables, apples and carrots – even jars of our own blackberry/apple sauce (picked locally) in the cupboards.  I went to a farmers market over the weekend.  A woman was selling jars and jars of preserves, no fancy labels, just home grown yumminess at reasonable prices.  I bought jalapeno jelly, vegetable chutney, apricot jam and a bag of dried chili peppers.  I wasn’t really in grocery shopping mode at the time, but grabbed it when I saw it.  I think this is how eating locally will work for now (until local bounty makes its way into our grocery stores year round), buy what we can when we see it.  Rather than filling our freezers with frozen pizzas, we fill our cupboards with fun preserves and root vegetables (Sorry, if you can bake a pizza, you can bake a squash).

Santa found this for AZ:  The Bio-snacky.  It is for growing sprouts in our kitchen.  Pretty fun.


Eating locally doesn’t really feel like trouble.  So far, it’s just a different way of shopping and meal-planning.  We are still sloppy shoppers (can’t stop buying oranges!), but making small steps nonetheless.


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