Girls. Lots of them


My girls are crazy for Shirley Dolls.  Angie and Lily get carted around in slings, tucked into odd little beds (under the coffee table, in the bookshelf),  brought on all road trips and dressed and redressed in fabric scraps and old shirts.

I have been working on Shirley variations – so far, smaller dolls with a different hairstyle and nose, made from recycled and/or sustainable materials (mostly).  These ones are nearing completion.  The one on the left is made from an old bed sheet and curtain (perma-tights and bodysuit).  She has one eyebrow because I have decided that I don’t like the dark brown one and I can’t find a corresponding haircolour in my yarn supply anyway.  The middle one is not finished because I ran out of hair (she has bald spots in the back) and I think she needs some irises.  The one on the right has a new face (for the old face click here).  She needs black hair to cover the stitches from her surgery.  She is made from latte-coloured bamboo.


They are all stuffed with 100% wool.  I am on an errands strike at the moment, so these girlies are going to have to wait for further beauty treatment.



2 Responses to “Girls. Lots of them”

  1. What’s the errand strike about?

    • Errands make me a little crazy (or more crazy than usual). I am trying to avoid hauling my babies to the shops – for yarn, milk, thread, etc… trying to stay local and simple.

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