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As many of you already know, I recently spent one year attempting to make all of my own clothing.  During this time, I learned many new skills and gained a great deal of confidence in pattern-making and manipulation. One of the reasons this blog is called “left-handed scissors” (aside from the fact that I am left-handed) is because I […]

I have garden on the brain.  My friend recommended this book, which I have been devouring:  Can’t wait to get out there… actually, I can… it’s wet and freezing right now.  In the meantime, I’ll draw pictures.  This year, we hope to try some new things.  Like corn and broccoli and potatoes-in-a-bucket.  Our tomatoes never ripened last […]

Etsy shop


I am looking for ways to pay for my craft habit.  That, and I have a few hats left over from the November craft sale.  This is all a bit nerve-wracking, but what the heck:  The Left-handed scissors Etsy shop is now open for business!  I will make an effort to jazz-up my banner and descriptions […]

W… no Smurf!


W named his Shirley Doll W.  Then he changed it to Smurf (we received Season One as a Christmas gift).  If Smurf isn’t being used as a weapon, he is being carried around by the hair.  The love is there somewhere.  I am sure of it.

My father was a 1970’s ski bum (now a semi-retired ski bum).  I grew up immersed in a world of early mornings, tight boots, heavy gear, icy chairlifts and push-button hot chocolate.  I make it sound kinda blah, but really, these days I have trouble feeling the ‘magic’ unless the skies are clear, the weather […]

My lovelies have many painted shirts.  The collection has been building as I find blank shirts at thrift shops and in piles of hand-me-downs.   We save them up and paint party-style when inspiration hits.  Party-style: I blogged about this last year, on my old blog.  For those of you who missed it, this is how to do […]

monkey party


Our little boy has been asking for a “monkey party hoo hoo HA HA” for months now.  On Sunday, he got one.   AZ baked a banana monkey cake. Guests wore paper ears. He is three now… and most definitely a monkey.