AZ had to attend a work thing in Cranbrook.  So, we arranged to spend the week in Kimberley.  Kimberley, the “Bavarian City of the Rockies”, is about a 20 minute drive from Cranbrook.  Both towns are a 11-12 hour drive from East Van.  It is a good thing that we like long drives and that we live in such a beautiful province.  This photo of Kootenay Pass does not do it justice.  We stopped to take in the crisp air and sunset:


Our friends from Nelson joined us for a few days.  Can’t wait for more adventures together.  They have such nice kids.


Our kiddies practiced their turns, rode a T-bar for the first time and adopted a new sport: cross-country skiing.  I love Nordic skiing.  I always think of wholesome Scandinavian folk in sweaters and tights.  I have been learning to skate ski.  I am still a bit clumsy, but getting better every time.




A major trip highlight was this remote hot springs.  Lussier Hot Springs is a one-hour drive (with views of both the Purcell and Rocky Mountains) from Kimberley, including a 17.5km grind along a gravel logging road.



And, oh Yes.  We crafted.  We made paper dolls (inspired by gorgeous Black Apple dolls) and embroidered.




I have to admit that it is hard to come home after such a week.  I am ignoring our bags, piled-up in the living room.  I did miss my computer, though!


4 Responses to “Kimberley”

  1. 1 Kate

    Those are some wicked turns that E and Stella are carving!

  2. 2 AZ

    I ♥ hot springs. I miss the adventure already…

  3. looks like so much fun…

  4. 4 erin

    thanks for such a lovely visit. i look forward to our next adventure!

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