nutty, ugly and stylish


This week has been nuts.  We arrived back from our trip on Sunday night, stacked our skis, boots and bags in the living room and haven’t stopped since.  Dinner out on Monday and a clothing swap on Wednesday were the highlights for me (swapping clothes with stylish girlfriends is an ideal way to acquire new duds.  I have been feeling uncharacteristically stylish ever since.  You really must try it.  And invite me).


S whacked her head on the coffee table on Tuesday.  As I was washing the blood out of her hair and deciding that stitches would be required, my cousin phoned to tell me that W was vomiting at our local pizza place.  I hauled S out of the bath, loaded her precious body into the car, and went to pick up W.  He proceeded to projectile vomit all over the car.  Nice.  I had to make a last-minute call to my library job to tell them that I would not be making it into work that night.  It was good to be reminded why I (for the most part) want to be/need to be a stay-at-home mom. 


S now has four tiny staples in the back of her head.  AZ gets to remove them with a hospital-issued remover on Sunday.

I threw a French Movie Night at the kids’ school on Thursday.  It went well, though I think the parents were more restless than the kids.  The kids are learning French and were riveted by the animated stories.  The parents, predominantly unilingual, chit-chatted away at the back of the room.  I was happy with the turnout, the popcorn and the movies.  It was cute to see the kids sprauled out on the gym floor with their popcorn, stuffies and sleeping bags.

I battled waves of nausea myself this past week.  Thankfully, my body behaved and I managed to stay flu-free during the chaos.  Poor stapled S has started throwing up now though.  At least it explains her poor temper yesterday.  I always like to have an excuse for that.  No, I am not raising a brat, she just doesn’t feel well.

My rant is almost over (Didn’t I say I wanted to simplify life??).  First, I need ideas for something: I need ideas for earth-themed books to read aloud.  I am organizing a storytime tent for the Earth Day Celebrations at my kids’ school.  I have parents lined-up to read, but very little reading material.  Have any of you come across any excellent stories to read aloud to kids between the ages of 5-10?  Something about the trees, the air, the ocean, waste reduction, climate change.  You know…. relevant Earth Day stories.  Help!


7 Responses to “nutty, ugly and stylish”

  1. 1 Amy

    Have you read Miss Rumphius? It was one of my faves as a kid — about a lady who lives by the sea who plants lupins everywhere (if I recall correctly). It’s beautiful.

  2. 2 Maegen

    The Lorax, of course
    One by Bill Peet – can’t remember the title.
    I second Miss Rumphious!
    I will keep thinking!

  3. My fave is “Little Boat” – such a pleasure to read out loud. Reading it makes me feel poetic and I love the way it connects two kids on opposite shores of the ocean. We must find our copy.

  4. Oh, I also like the “grandpa can fix it” book. Can’t recall the title but if you’ve read it you know what I’m talking about.

  5. 5 Kate

    Solomon’s Tree is a great book about a Tsimpshian boy who has a strong bond with a maple tree. Very touching.

  6. 6 Kate

    Oh and would Virginia Lee Burton’s The Little House fit the bill?

    also, Molly bought one of my girls the book The Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley, very cute and focuses on being happy with less.

  7. 7 Kate

    oh oh oh and On the Day That You Were Born is a must. It covers migration, gravity, sun, moon, stars, tides, rains, trees, etc. basically everything that the earth does for us “on the day you were born”. Apparently I have a stack of books for you, I also have Miss Rumphius if you don’t have it, which was a great suggestion.

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