faces and a final product


I worked on these Shirley faces in Kimberley:



Some beautiful girls I know were keen to learn, so we started some together.  Look at how well they are doing!

I finally gave this one some irises.  I was unable to find matching hair, so I filled-in her bald spots with cuttings from her own.  I can’t wait to send this one to her new owner – a sweet kid, living much too far away from us.




5 Responses to “faces and a final product”

  1. What do you think irises are for? Why do we have coloured parts of the eye and why are they different? Evolution at work. OK off to google to learn.

    Stay tuned for André’s silly science question blog…

  2. 2 Nancy

    Are the beautiful girls who worked on these dolls anyone we know?!!

    • I don’t think you’ve met them – they are friends in Nelson. They used to live in our hood.

  3. 4 Peter

    So lovely – thanks. The girls have taken to tucking them into bed on a special matress each eve. So, where did the “Shirley” in Shirly doll come from ….

    • No sweat :). I like making them. “Shirley” was the 1980’s secretary of my friend’s (jennifer) dad. Shirley wore LOTS of make-up – this was appealing to 4-year-old Jennifer, so she call her doll “Shirley”. Jennifer’s mom made the first shirley dolls for me, my sisters and her kids in the early 80’s.

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