sports and magic


My father was a 1970’s ski bum (now a semi-retired ski bum).  I grew up immersed in a world of early mornings, tight boots, heavy gear, icy chairlifts and push-button hot chocolate.  I make it sound kinda blah, but really, these days I have trouble feeling the ‘magic’ unless the skies are clear, the weather is warm, the powder is soft and the smell of Snik is in the air.  I get homesick as soon as I lose feeling in my toes.   Nevertheless, I am devoted to the ‘family sport’ and am committed to making sure my kids can turn with the best of ’em.   The magic is slowly emerging with their growing enthusiasm…  Their little pink faces and helmet-laden heads kill me.  That, and it is a pretty sweet way to spend the day together.


While I have been waiting to feel this ‘magic’, I have found the perfect sport!  Skate skiing – which is basically combination of skiing and running (think biathlon, no gun).  I get a full-body workout in less than two hours AND get to feel all Scandinavian.  Also, my city has access to some truly beautiful trails.  I feel pretty lucky.

Over this past year, I have managed to acquire some gear and learn the basics.  Today, I am sore.  Full-body don’t-touch-my-arms sore.

I have lifted this photo from the Callaghan Country website because I was unable to do the area justice with my own photos (and it is pretty tricky to take a photo of yourself skiing).


Magical eh?  I have to sew a bag to hold my skis.


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