As many of you already know, I recently spent one year attempting to make all of my own clothing.  During this time, I learned many new skills and gained a great deal of confidence in pattern-making and manipulation.

fancy-shirt img_8639

One of the reasons this blog is called “left-handed scissors” (aside from the fact that I am left-handed) is because I tend to do things kinda backward.  I used to drive my rugby coach crazy, always throwing the ball the wrong way, no matter how many times he demonstrated the right way.  We chalked it up to my being left-handed.  Convenient excuse.  AZ would just call me a big dummy.

I recently figured out why my homemade shirts are always tight under the armpits.  Hmm…..  It turns out that rather than making the armpit holes bigger, I have been making them smaller, tracing out, rather than out and down.  I really don’t want to organize a picture to explain myself (just know that I am, in fact, a big dummy).  Stella McCartney probably doesn’t make these mistakes.


One Response to “sleeves”

  1. 1 AZ

    Never once I used the term “big” or “dummy” in reference to you. I feel a responsibility to maintain my good name. Sheesh…

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