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serging away


I FINALLY took the serger in for a tune-up.  The blade is sharp and, yippee, what a difference!  I have been making t-shirts and pouring over Wendy Mullin’s Sew U Home Stretch.  Organic cotton tee: AZ and I are trying to come up with a pattern for 5-minute underpants for the kiddies – ideally, made […]



We spent the day with the back door open. W has this thing about putting on his sisters’ shoes.  Last week, I didn’t realize that he was wearing E’s runners until we got to the park at E’s fiddle lesson.  It was a bit embarrassing, watching my three-year-old trip all over the place in my […]

A new tea set – enjoyed with last summer’s pickles, milky mint tea and chocolate.  Yum.

blossom snow


I haven’t been sewing and crafting enough lately.   I’ve been running too many errands and spending too much time at meetings.   Yuck.  Time to stop the madness and enjoy some time at home.  I don’t deal with stress well. AZ spent time tonight cruising the alleyways (looking for treasures) with these lovelies…  this […]

no fun


Blogging is no fun without a camera.  I left it at my parent’s house. Besides, the sun is shining and I have been hanging out at the park!  Man, I have missed those sunny days at the park.  Will post as soon as I get that camera back.



We dyed eggs yesterday.  Twice.  Once with friends, once with family.  AZ managed to get some onion skin dye going: That was about it for the all-natural stuff.  Maybe next year?  Or next month?  It doesn’t have to be Easter, does it? And with my Grandma, you just don’t mess with tradition.  I can’t imagine what she would say […]

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