community rants and family love


One of the great things about being part of a huge family (60+ in this city) is that you learn how to accept differences in others.  Emotional, moody, bossy, intense, loud, opinionated – we continue to see each other regularly, knowing which topics to avoid and which to embrace.  We are a close family (Yes.  All sixty of us), depending upon one another for support, encouragement and good times.  This is one of the many reasons AZ and I chose to have three kids.  I love the comedy, messiness and sense of security that comes with having a large, close-knit family.

A major reason for this closeness is the fact that we see each other so much.   Despite our differences, everyone shows up to dye Easter eggs, eat turkey, trim my Grandma’s Christmas tree, roast marshmallows and drink beer.   The ‘perks’ far outweigh the irritations.  The kids have some magical relationships with cousins and second-cousins.

So… I’ve been trying to bring this involvement philosophy into my day to day life.  That’s where all of this volunteering comes from.  I believe that to truly be a part of a community, you have to participate in it.  It has gotten a bit out of hand this year, granted, but I can’t help but notice how much more fun it is to take the kids to school, play at the park and just generally exist in this neighbourhood.

I also can’t help but notice how mean-spirited people can be.  Parents who help are either “too keen” (indifference must be a thrill), have “too much time on their hands” (seriously?) or “must not work” (where? in an office?).  How people spend their time is their own business.  And, yes, many folk have to work nasty, stressful, exhausting jobs and have no time for anything else.  I just think that some people are missing that basic acceptance ethic – just appreciating one another, regardless of how much they do or do not do.  Stay simple, stay local, LEARN from one another and don’t be an idiot.



3 Responses to “community rants and family love”

  1. 1 Amy

    Good rant, Meg. Well said!

  2. 2 erin

    hear hear!

  3. 3 Maegen

    Hey! I was going to write “Hear Hear” but Erin beat me to it!
    I hear ya though!!

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