We dyed eggs yesterday.  Twice.  Once with friends, once with family.  AZ managed to get some onion skin dye going:


That was about it for the all-natural stuff.  Maybe next year?  Or next month?  It doesn’t have to be Easter, does it?


And with my Grandma, you just don’t mess with tradition.  I can’t imagine what she would say to me if I broke out the tumeric (“Oh for goodness sakes….”).  We don’t like to get her started on organic food or vegetable gardening either.


After the little ones have their turn (W made five green eggs in three minutes), the big folk get to go crazy, mixing colours, creating masterpieces…



3 Responses to “eggs”

  1. 1 erin

    how many people turn up to dye eggs at your grandma’s? wicked – i love your family!

  2. *Only* 18 this time (including adults) for the eggs. 28 were at dinner tonight. None of my sisters were there. Picture kids, dogs, cigarette smoke, loud talkers and my uncles arguing about whether to put a dinosaur scupture in the yard at CB.

  3. 3 Ilse

    Wow, great eggs! Who made the black doomsday egg?

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