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tie dye trials


We are still trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t… The key tool is definitely the turkey baster. Advertisements

We have a lot of birthday chaos going on around here.  Parties, cakes, picnics, nice breakfasts (ie. more than just cold cereal), cards, surprises…  I have no oomph to post about any of this at the moment, so I am sticking up some shots of E and S in my latest sewing project:  matchy-match pajamas […]

feeling groovy?


Two years ago, I went to Mexico with my family (Mom, Dad, sisters, spouses, kids).  One sunny afternoon, the resort we were staying at set up a tie dye party at the beach.  They had huge vats of dye for guests to dip shirts into.  Now, aesthetically speaking, I am not a tie dye sort […]



S’s class just completed a unit on butterflies.  Under the watchful eye of 22 kindergartners, caterpillars became pupae, became real butterflies!  After releasing them into the school garden last week, S rushed to grab my hand after school, so excited to show me the butterflies resting in the flowers.  We ran home to get the […]



We tested the limits of our 3 and 5 year-old lovelies – 2.5 days of exploring, without a stroller (what were we thinking?!).  W got a popcorn sample from a market stall and kept the plastic container suctioned to his face for at least an hour.  So funny. We had been itching to take a […]

I had such a fabulous day yesterday.  Thanks everyone.  Last night, some friends came over for shirt-painting and rhubarb margaritas.  It was hilarious and only slightly embarrassing when they sang happy birthday and presented me with a beautiful cake, much like we would at a party for one of the kids.  Though, I have decided […]

lucky girl


I got a camera for my birthday.  Please bear with me as I learn to use it.  That, and my loves picked some flowers for me.