back again



AZ used to go to this lake when he was about ten years old.  Twenty-something years later, we weren’t sure what to expect.  When we got there, the lake was pretty enough, but the campsite was an unkempt BC Forest Service Site with poo all over the toilet seat and lots of litter strewn about.  So we decided to go for a paddle and decide whether or not to camp afterward.  (we have decided our kids don’t like this kind of indecision.  They were pretty antsy: “where are we camping?”, “are we going to sleep here?”, “when can we set up our house?”.  I have to remember to be better about this.)




After the sleet started, we were leaning towards NOT camping.  Later that afternoon, a kindly resident stopped to tell us that a grizzly bear was living in the woods next to the camp site: a hungry, fresh from hibernation, silver-tipped grizzly nicknamed “Grumpy”.  Ahhhh… yeah… NO.  The resident told us to come back around at around seven or eight o’clock to see Grumpy in person.  Again…. NO.  We strapped our tasty children into their car-seats and packed-up quickly.  After we drove away, all we could see was bear poo at regular intervals along the road (something we should be better at looking for on future camp trips).  Cheeky Grumpy.

The kids ended up camping-out on Grandma and Grandpa’s deck.


Day two was spent on an awesome lake, river and beach closer to civilization.


See the hardcore rapids?


Setting up a “tarp”:


It was a pretty excellent weekend, I’d say.


3 Responses to “back again”

  1. Looks fun! And I’m not too proud to admit that I’ve dumped a canoe and soaked my butt in calmer rapids than that.

  2. 2 erin

    glad you guys weren’t lunch for grumpy…we’d miss you!

  3. 3 hubert

    Black Water Lake. What fun memories of fishing and rice-a-rony and retrieving my glasses from the bottom of the ice cold lake with Andre an Peter. The campsite then was not too bad, except for the outhouse, which was never clean. No bears though! We did catch trout. Must have gone there some 3 times, taking the yellow fiber glass boat on top of the Citation car. Actually Andre and I dumped the remains of that boat last year. The dump manager accepted it because this type of wreckage is in popular demand of hunters, who use it for a hide out. Recycling I guess.

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