feeling groovy?


Two years ago, I went to Mexico with my family (Mom, Dad, sisters, spouses, kids).  One sunny afternoon, the resort we were staying at set up a tie dye party at the beach.  They had huge vats of dye for guests to dip shirts into.  Now, aesthetically speaking, I am not a tie dye sort of person. But, I have to say, these shirts were rad.  Guests wore their creations with pride for the rest of the week.  This was by far my favourite resort activity (are you surprised?  Forget beach badminton and archery… crafts man).

So, I am planning another craft party.  This time: tie dye… in our East Van alleyway.

For the past two days, I have been mixing colours, experimenting with different fixatives and trying to work out all of the logistical details associated with water use, shirt tying, dye application and shirt-supply.  I also don’t want any kids turning themselves green.  I would like to work out all of these details before I invite the guests.  This way, I can incorporate instructions like “please bring your own turkey baster and rubber gloves” into the invitation….  important stuff.  At the moment, my hands are purple (it is a good thing I don’t have impending shifts at the library).


This party was a great excuse to do some shopping at my all-time favourite store, Maiwa Handprints.


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