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one of two


Here is E’s dress.  It was inspired by this library find and the illustrations in this book: I mangled the trim around the neckline and should probably fix it one day. The shoes are from this shop near my house.  They are closing down in a few days and are having a huge sale.  I […]

teacher gifts


Strawberry jam-making season coincided perfectly with the end of the school year.  So, guess who is getting jam?  This particular recipe was sweetened with honey and came from the  Pomona’s Universal Pectin box.  I hope I did it right. I will make an attempt to post about those formal trip dresses before we leave… and, […]

day’s end


I have just spent the day packing for an upcoming trip.  Now, I’m reading celebrity gossip and drinking yummy beer and eating Pocky…. or “Tomato Pretz”, to be more precise.  Ohhh… the food miles in a Pocky stick!  I have a weakness for those and those little lychee jelly cups.  I’ll post about the trip […]

face paint


it begins…


with the strawberries.  Berry-picking is my all-time favourite parenting activity.   I neglected to bring the camera to the farm yesterday.  Picture it:  sunny and quiet and beautiful.  S, W and niece M picked like champs. My sticky kitchen: Though my confidence is much higher than it was last year, in a typical left-handed scissors maneuver, […]

summer sewing


I may have started too many projects at once.   For those of you who read this blog last year, you know that we tend to take off for the summer.  Not necessarily far, just out and about, leaving no rhythm for sewing.  Like many of you, we berry-pick and swim and bike and camp and […]

so trendy


Apparently, tie dye is making a comeback.  This article appeared in the Vancouver Sun the day after our June 7th party.  I love it.