fabric, sewing, book rampage


I have permanently set up in the living room.  W is old enough not to mess around with the scissors or my machines…. and nobody seems to mind the pile of fabric teetering on the couch and the ironing board against the wall.  Everyone is playing outside these days anyway.

For some reason, the sewing bug has hit hard.  Maybe it is because I found a beautiful line of fabric at the fabric store and had to buy three separate prints for me, E and S?  Maybe it’s because I received an awesome new Japanese Pattern book in the mail?  Regardless, there is a giant pile of projects in the works.


I am getting better at working with the pattern books.  I transfer the patterns onto craft paper, using the tracing wheel.  Then, I add the seam allowances and make adjustments to the pattern on the craft paper.  Much better than trying to trace directly onto the fabric (slow learner?).  And I can reuse the pattern pieces, combining elements to make new designs!  Very exciting.


The fabric I bought is 100% cotton from Japan, called “Sevenberry”.  I bought it at Fabricana in Richmond.   My print looks a lot like this:


And this just happens to be the shirt I decided to make.  I will get some pictures organized as soon as AZ wakes up.  Would it be mean to wake him up for a blog photo shoot?  I guess so.


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