The tie dye party was a success.  Seventy people came (yeah, nutty).  Kids face-painted each other (arms, legs, face), played hockey in the alleyway, rode the slide over and over again and, of course, tie dyed with their parents.  The parents drank heaps of coffee and listened to my brother-in-law’s stellar tie dye playlist.  It went surprisingly well.

Just before the party started, I panicked that we wouldn’t have enough dye.  So, I added extra water to it.  Of course, we ended up with way too much dye and the colour was weaker than I would have liked.  Next time, I have to stay calm and trust my initial instincts.


I also panicked and sent my dad out to buy extra rubber gloves.  They were useful, but, man…. I have a lot of gloves.  At least I am prepared for party number two?



It helped having a bucket of clean water available for glove-rinsing – especially when switching colours.


5 Responses to “party!”

  1. 1 erin


  2. let’s see some finished products!

  3. 3 beki

    70? Holy cow!! I really should give this a try. My 8 yr old recently got a tie dyed shirt, which she loves. I think she’d get a kick out of making one of her own.

    • 4 Megan

      Thanks Beki. You should give it a try! The best thing we did was keep the dye in the alleyway. This kept the mess away from the house and from the frolicking kiddies. Also, parents were forced to accompany their kids into the alley to watch for cars – a subtle way to encourage supervision.

  4. 5 Aimee

    I am so so upset that we missed it. It looks like an amazing time!

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