it begins…



with the strawberries.  Berry-picking is my all-time favourite parenting activity.   I neglected to bring the camera to the farm yesterday.  Picture it:  sunny and quiet and beautiful.  S, W and niece M picked like champs.

My sticky kitchen:


Though my confidence is much higher than it was last year, in a typical left-handed scissors maneuver, I miscounted some teaspoons in one of the batches.  I’ve inadvertently made sauce, not jam.  Pesky ingredients.  The other two batches turned out OK (sigh of relief).

Oh, and my new guidebook, picked up at a garage sale over the weekend.  It seems to have everything (making jerky, root-cellaring horseradish, pickling fish – ha!):



3 Responses to “it begins…”

  1. 1 Maegen

    Hey – don’t laugh! I’d love to learn to pickle fish! Harry is a big pickled herring fan!

  2. 2 AZ

    Red balls of sunshine – just amazing…

  3. 3 Megan

    That sounds dirty.

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