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here we are


Lots to say, but no time to say it.  We are getting a deep freeze.  We’ve put away raspberries and blueberries and are gearing up to make some pickles.  I canned peaches on the hottest day of the year.  AZ had to help things along (dinner approaching, hungry offspring), peeling the skin off the scalded fruit.  Poor guy.  […]

Seriously.  The forecast called for sunshine and warm temperatures.  With one hour to go before the party, dark grey clouds moved in…  I was busily squeezing lemons for drinks, when my sister ran into the kitchen with a surprised look on her face, “I think it’s going to rain!”.  The next hour was chaos, sourcing small […]

Last year, me and my sisters organized a country-western-themed party for “Parent’s Night Out” at our local swimming club.  We hired a Mechanical Bull and a fiddler and rented gingham table cloths.  It was awesome.  “Parents” danced and bull-rode late into the night.  This year, we have gone Ancient Greek.  Or Roman.  We are a little confused.  There will be Gladiator Jousting, souvlaki, […]

summer night



the grass


… on my head was a gift from W.

Every so often, I’ll go on a little library catalogue shopping spree, placing requests for a million different books on a million different topics.  Last week, I managed to order a stack of books on the following:  clothing of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, home canning, Greek costume (more on that later) and jam-making.  Where to start? […]

This time, with the family (maybe 35 of them?).  They were great sports.  The plan is to wear our creations to my aunt’s 65th birthday party – as a surprise.  Should be funny.  I really should make a shirt for my grandmother. I got the dye strength right this time, but got a wee bit careless about […]