It was dreamy.  We were spoiled rotten.  If you can look past the environmental offenses (insert floating city offenses here), it is a pretty fabulous way to travel – especially for a large group, looking to spend some stress-free time together.  We were 64 people, ranging from age three to ninety.  Everyone was relaxed and keen to meet every evening at 4:30pm for Happy Hour (2 for 1 drinks) and Team Trivia Challenge (Karaoke and Piano Bar sing-alongs took place later in the evening).

S’s dress.  I kind-of made it up, using the base pattern for the bodice from this Japanese pattern book.  I tried to make a rosebud for the front, but it looks more like a silk blob:

IMG_1831 IMG_1830

AZ made our boy a tie.  W laughed at himself, saying, “I look like an office werrker”.


Family naturalists:


and singers:


We got to experience teeny bits of Alaska, picking wildflowers and squashing pennies on the White Pass and Yukon Route railroad:




And of course the cruising was beautiful.  In addition to Orcas, humpback whales and dolphins, E actually saw a moose swimming in Glacier Bay!


Coming into Vancouver this morning, I couldn’t sleep, so I ventured up to the Observation Deck to snuggle under a blanket.  Holy Smokes, I love this place:



4 Responses to “dreamy”

  1. 1 Maegen

    Wow! Looks like a wonderful trip! S’s dress is lovely too!

  2. amazing. looks like a fabulous trip. W. does look like a wee office worker. sad that boys don’t get fancy dress-up that’s any different from business dress-up eh?

  3. 3 Clare

    That last shot gave me the first pang of homesickness that I’ve had in a while…. Looks like you guys had a fabulous trip. XO C.

  4. Isn’t Alaska breathtaking! I haven’t been back since I was a girl.

    I too think S’s dress is lovely.

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