Alabama Stitch Book


Every so often, I’ll go on a little library catalogue shopping spree, placing requests for a million different books on a million different topics.  Last week, I managed to order a stack of books on the following:  clothing of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, home canning, Greek costume (more on that later) and jam-making.  Where to start?51QUVoD+7tL._SS500_

The Alabama Stitch Book.  When AZ and I were in San Francisco last year, I picked up a shirt at Anthropologie by Project Alabama.   It is a blue wrap thingy, with a fun leaf applique across the shoulder and side.  I love it.  Natalie Chanin, the woman who started Project Alabama, now runs a company called Alabama Chanin (ethical, sustainable, lovely).  Chanin published the Alabama Stitch Book in 2008.  It is full of great projects, many using fabric from old t-shirts.  My favourite idea is the “beaded applique swing skirt” with beading across the bottom.  Chanin recommends adding more and more  beads over time.  I love this idea: creating a simple skirt out of recycled material and slowly making it fabulous.


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