the Gods spoke to us



Seriously.  The forecast called for sunshine and warm temperatures.  With one hour to go before the party, dark grey clouds moved in…  I was busily squeezing lemons for drinks, when my sister ran into the kitchen with a surprised look on her face, “I think it’s going to rain!”.  The next hour was chaos, sourcing small tents and rearranging tables under cover.  The clouds parted and we relaxed a bit.  Guests arrived in amazingly creative and spirited costumes.



Then, during dinner, fork lightening flashed and thunder roared in the sky.  The four of us (me and my sisters) and our team of volunteers (swim coaches), rushed around (like, you know, headless chickens) moving more tables and rescuing food from the rain that began to pour from the heavens.  It was nutty. 


Thank goodness it was warm.  The guests partied under the tent like the best of sports.  Many were afraid to leave, what with the crazy lightening and all (and really, why waste a good toga costume by going home?).  The rain stopped after about an hour.   

We danced and jousted until late.  Many wreaths were found this morning – fallen from the heads of defeated warriors.



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