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evening paddle


My dad’s wee boat finally made it to the water for that calm-water paddle.  This time, it was all smiles. Advertisements

These extras seemed to do the trick.  On Friday night, we went for fish and chips at the beach, then went for a full-family blackberry picking session.  E and S got right into it.  W filled his bucket with rocks.  The ladders were awesome, sort of smashed over top of the brambles, we were able to get the […]

Ox-Cart living?


AZ picked this book up at a garage sale recently.  It’s about a small family who makes and grows things all year to sell at the market in the fall.  The father walks to town with his ox and cart every October to sell the family’s wool, apples, yarn, mittens, honey, potatoes, maple syrup (Leah!), linen and brooms.  It is such a […]

the sweater


So I have been getting all caught up in this house thing and haven’t been reporting on any family creations.  S’s sweater is done.  She’s been leaving it ALL over the place – though, I am sure she loves me… or it, I mean.  E and S have also decided to share it.  E wore it […]

it’s done


We’re moving from East Vancouver to North Vancouver (gulp).  What I’ll miss:  La Grotta, Fratelli, Continental Coffee, Dutch Girl Chocolates, the Napier/Rose/Lily streets garage sale, Figaros, Britannia Library, the Skytrain, the people (insert a zillion names here), Commercial Drive buskers, Dream Cycle bikes and cyclists, Famous Foods, crazy backyard art and Garden Park. What I am looking forward to:  […]



Our house has sold – to some dear friends, as it turns out!  I am glad to pass the place on to people who I am sure will love it as much as we did.  That, and they have cool stuff, so the place is going to look fabulous! AZ made a chair out of the […]

the Tanker


Last week, five-year-old S swam 25 yards in an ocean “pool”.   Cold, dark and full of creepy crawlies, I didn’t swim the “Tank” till I was nine.  We were so proud. Afterwards, she was allowed to swim in the club races.  It was adorable.  She zigzagged down the lane (swimming almost twice the required distance).  […]