river therapy



We were lacking in positive energy yesterday.  There were tantrums, there was whining and there was zero patience from me.    I truly believe that negative things happen to negative people.  Which explains why the four of us got stuck in traffic for two hours.   

The best thing we did all day was to jump in cold water.  A river.  We smiled and laughed and encouraged each other to walk farther and swim longer.  If only we could start every day with a river swim.




Some of you may have heard that we are planning a move.  Whooopi!  We are selling our house.   Now, I really don’t want to jinx it by talking too much, but I will say that, if all goes well, our move will involve access to more swims like these.  We have been in our house for 8.5 years.  There are many ‘pros’ to staying, but many to leaving as well – namely, fresh air and space.  I can’t wait.  Cross your fingers for us!  We should know within a week or two.


One Response to “river therapy”

  1. 1 erin

    fingers, toes, eyes…all crossed! xo e.

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