it’s done


We’re moving from East Vancouver to North Vancouver (gulp).  What I’ll miss:  La Grotta, Fratelli, Continental Coffee, Dutch Girl Chocolates, the Napier/Rose/Lily streets garage sale, Figaros, Britannia Library, the Skytrain, the people (insert a zillion names here), Commercial Drive buskers, Dream Cycle bikes and cyclists, Famous Foods, crazy backyard art and Garden Park.


What I am looking forward to:  Our house (that’s a subtle side view, above), our yard, the trail walk to school, the Grouse Grind, running trails, the school, the smell of trees, the view of paragliders from our backyard, Ambleside seawall, the wood fireplace, the quiet, the Grouse Skyride, Cleveland Dam, the Lions Gate Bridge (seriously), skate skiing on Cypress, installing a backyard shower, meeting new neighbours and finding new shops to love.   

We move at the end of October.


5 Responses to “it’s done”

  1. 1 Maegen

    We’ll miss you too! You may even have sparked a seed of doubt in my formerly wholly urbanite heart….

  2. 2 Kate

    Wow, sounds great and reminds me of times with you running uphill. x

  3. 3 AZ

    We’ll definitely have to convert a lot of that grass to garden. There is no way I am mowing all that! Who wants potatoes…

  4. 4 jvs

    Great idea on the spuds. But will the North Van neighbours be as welcoming to such initiatives as the earthy folks of East Van??? Hmmmmmm….

    • oooh, good point – I am building a high fence to keep the bears off the crops, so maybe that’ll keep the neighbours happy too. I’ve already got plans to romance the neighbours into accepting some illegal chickens, will I have to woo them into accepting veggies as well?

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