the sweater


So I have been getting all caught up in this house thing and haven’t been reporting on any family creations.  S’s sweater is done.  She’s been leaving it ALL over the place – though, I am sure she loves me… or it, I mean.  E and S have also decided to share it.  E wore it to bed the other night.  In mid-summer.  They are so supportive.


This button-hole tutorial saved the day.


I started a sweater for E over the weekend – in a unisex colour, in chunky wool.  It has been going really fast, but I missed some increases in the neck part and had to pull the needles out to correct my mistake.  After re-threading the loops (does that make sense?), I noticed that I had twisted the yarn on that row.   Ah ha!  I think I am going to start over.  I know I made this mistake on S’s sweater, but nowhere near the beginning, so I left it all twisty.    I’ll have to get this re-threading thing figured out.


I heart knitting.  I want to make these one day.


2 Responses to “the sweater”

  1. Great sweater! I miss knitting. I haven’t really done it since L. was born but I have visions of knitting a tunic dress for A. and some chunky legwarmers for both of them. Wristlets are a good idea for covering that gap between jacket sleeves and mittens (says the Toronto mom). Don’t suppose that’s a problem in your neck of the woods.

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