Ox-Cart living?


AZ picked this book up at a garage sale recently.  It’s about a small family who makes and grows things all year to sell at the market in the fall.  The father walks to town with his ox and cart every October to sell the family’s wool, apples, yarn, mittens, honey, potatoes, maple syrup (Leah!), linen and brooms.  It is such a beautiful story and really makes me think about how far removed we are from that way of life.  


I think this is why I enjoy the knitting and canning so much.  It makes so much sense to put food away for the winter and to think about what the kids are going to wear when the weather changes.  Living simply, with purpose (and with the odd ski trip throw-in.  Ahem). 

Today, we pick blackberries for jam.  That is, if I can get my kids to come with me.  I have maxed them out in the picking department.  My all-time-favourite parenting activity isn’t as much fun for them, as it turns out.  Sore fingers?  Thorns?  Me barking, “just one more bucket!”? (or threatening, “I’m not gonna share my jam!”).  I need a new strategy.


3 Responses to “Ox-Cart living?”

  1. 1 Mom

    Just went to the weekly Moss Street Market (two blocks from the new house) and it is exactly what you are speaking about. Folks from all over bring their wares – knitting, jams, vegetables, wooden items, jewelry and the like – to sell to anyone who is interested. And folks from all over come to purchase. Great place to get the makings for a great dinner. You have to come and see – and may even want to sell.

  2. If only I could produce enough syrup to sell… I’d have to charge $100 a bottle (meaning $100 THE bottle).

  3. 3 AZ

    You should start an urban tree tapping service. 25% goes back to the homeowner. The rest you sell for $100 / bottle – or something to that nature. You could write an algorithm to search google maps satellite images for maple trees and then map out your route. Whadayathink?

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