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golf shpants


AZ was invited to a golf tournament/fundraiser thingy.  Instead of digging around the closet for something crisp, clean and (ahem) preppy, AZ decided to make his own golf shpants (short pants). Have you ever heard of the term “cool nerd”?  Well, that’s the kind of guy you want to hook up with.  Note the orange […]

knitting update


I spent most of my week in Ontario knitting… during card games, at the jumping rocks, on the dock, during Happy Hour…   E’s sweater progressed quickly, but I found that when I got home, I was tired!  All of my relaxing time was spent trying to make perfect stitches!  Huh.  My head and shoulders […]

After last week’s tomato efforts, I swore off canning for the rest of the fall.  That is, until I found a recipe for red pepper jelly in my files.   This find coincided perfectly with the Wednesday night Farmers Market beside AZ’s work.  He swung by for bell peppers and habaneros and we were thus […]

surf girls


Since the sale of our house one month ago, we have been juggling trips, errands, work and new schools for the kiddies – all good stuff, just a tad busy for our liking.  Thankfully, I was able to escape for a much-anticipated girls’ weekend to the coast.  Our beautiful BC coast: There were five of […]

red state


If you haven’t read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle yet, you won’t know what I am talking about.  Or maybe you can guess? 50 pounds of tomatoes.  I actually spoke to the farmer on her cell phone as she was harvesting them yesterday morning.  Go ahead and laugh at me.  I am having fun.  That is, until […]

block parties


We spent most of Saturday at a block party on our current/old street.  It was fabulous.  There was a baking contest, music and a fire truck.  The kids won’t ever forget the fire truck. AZ and I spent most of the day explaining our move and listing off the advantages of living closer to the […]



the last of our trip photos.  I can’t resist sticking them up here. Happy weekend everyone!