six years and two weeks ago



… my dear, sweet, spirited S was born.  She brings humour and fire into our lives.  We held a pool party for her before we left for Ontario.  My family (aunts, uncles, cousins) attended.  We made a prayer flag for her filled with personalized dedications.  I will post a photo, once I have sewn it together (and dug the sewing machine out of the pile of summer madness).  Some of the men, colouring:


It turns out that Miss S has developed many special relationships.  The flag messages were beautiful.

8 years ago, AZ and I had white star lanterns made for our wedding celebration.   I recycled one into a pinata, filled with honey sticks, pencils, nougat, and chocolate.  Pinatas are such a good party activity.  I fantasized about starting a pinata-making business.  That is, until the kids rejected the honey sticks and nougat.  Man.  Maybe I shoulda caved and filled it with Smarties and plastic parachute men?



When we got to Ontario, Oma threw another great party, with the prettiest cake ever:


I love that kid and I suspect the rest of her family does too.


5 Responses to “six years and two weeks ago”

  1. 1 Amy

    Happy belated birthday, S!!! You have another admirer right here.

  2. so do we!!! happy, happy birthday to s. xox

  3. 3 jvs

    Hey, it’s not just her family! I’ll miss her around the ‘hood, hearing her yell “hello” from a block away…

  4. 4 danielle

    love her to bits!!! happy belated birthday stella! hollis sends hugs too!

  5. Glad you found the prayer flags! They are a great way to honor a gal on her big 6 year old day. Love the photo of the men writing out their messages for her. Be sure to send a pic or post one when you get them finished.

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