cool balloon night


I am still writing about the summer.  Mostly because all I am doing right now is driving across town to the girls’ new school and getting organized to move.  Lots of driving.  Lots of boxes.  Lots of snack-making and errand-running.  Not the simple, peaceful existence we hope to have by Christmas time! Soon Soon!

Last Sunday we slept-over at our friends’ house.  In Quebec.  One night is never enough time to hang out and catch-up, but we take what we can get.  While we were sitting down for yummy food (always outstanding when M and AZ are cooking), a large number of hot-air balloons appeared over our heads.  The Gatineau Hot-Air Balloon Festival is a great night for an outdoor barbecue.




This one actually crash-landed down the street.  We ran to check-it out.  Still not sure what happened.  No one was hurt.


3 Responses to “cool balloon night”

  1. are you already packing boxes? must get busy…finding it hard to drag myself away from the park and sunshine…

  2. Don’t pack yet. I am an anxious person and you are already half-packed in the basement. Lots of time. xx

  3. I love the hot-air balloons. What a cool experience!

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