block parties


We spent most of Saturday at a block party on our current/old street.  It was fabulous.  There was a baking contest, music and a fire truck.  The kids won’t ever forget the fire truck.



AZ and I spent most of the day explaining our move and listing off the advantages of living closer to the mountains and further from downtown (hmm… we were unconvincing on that point).  Many agreed to trek over for some hiking and cross-country skiing.



Later, the party moved to the alley, with beer, a barbecue and more music.

At school drop-off this morning, I was glad to hear that our new block also had a block party over the weekend.  So, there is community spirit to look forward to!


4 Responses to “block parties”

  1. the new block’s party could not have POSSIBLY been as awesome as our party was.

  2. wicked.

  3. 3 Mom

    Those photos are great! What a neat thing for the VFD to do!

  4. You’re moving?! Sniff!… ‘Hope it all goes well!

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